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Complete Systems

Grid tie only:

As you see more and more solar companies going out of business, who is going to maintain and fix your system? Grid tie systems are now very, very simple to install. They are basically plug and play. That’s why you see roofers, HAVAC guys and now even window replacement companies installing solar systems. Our systems components carry the industries best warranties and you get our 40 years of installation and design experience and knowledge as part of the package. We help you ever step of the way, permitting, PG&E paperwork and throughout the entire installation process. The majority of our residential customers are now installing their own systems and saving substantial amounts of money. Plus they gain the knowledge of how the system is designed and installed giving them greater control and eliminating the mystery. Our commercial clients have installed many of their own systems including a winery 40 kw system, a lumber mill 150 kw system, and a wood processing plant 2 MW system.

$2.00 @ watt (For local customers only)
$2.00 @ watt for a complete system, solar panels, MC cables, mounting equipment (includes rails, clips, grounding, etc). All required combiners, disconnects and inverters (always SMA). Everything needed for a safe, code compliant system. We do not provide site specific components, wire and conduit. ALL our system components are made in the USA. Solar panels & mounting equipment are made in California. SMA is made in Colorado. We completely engineer, design and layout the system for you. We are also there to help you with every step of the installation process. We even help with permitting & PG&E paperwork.

Non local customers: $1.50 @ watt
If you do not need help with system engineering, design, layout and installation, or are not a local customer, but only need the system products, solar panels, mounting equipment, disconnects, inverters, etc. Then the price is $1.50 @ watt.

Commercial and Industrial systems:
150 kW $1.50 @ watt
500 kW $1.25 @ watt
1 MW $1.00 @ watt
This includes system design, engineering, help with permitting, PG&E paperwork submittal and help with every step of the installation.

API Total Solution:

API TOTAL SOLUTION are systems supported by solar, wind, hydro, fuel cell and many other power generating sources. These systems can be coupled to any AC signal and /or provide stand alone primary power for remote applications. These systems can also provide protection from power outages & high utility costs by giving you the option to turn the power company off. These systems utilize Lipo4 or lead acid energy storage.

API flex systems:
Lipo4 energy storage, 13 kWh, 4.4 120 or 120/240 inverter (can stack up to 52 kw storage and 17.6 kW inverter) and all the necessary safety equipment in one prewired and tested steel enclosure. Use it as a primary power system for off grid or turn your grid tie system into a standalone power system. This allows you can turn the power company off. Use this system to power your primary loads, sending all your solar grid tie power to the grid during the day and charge this system off the grid at night. You have just doubled the value of your generated solar power. Our systems are NOT AC coupled, we are the only system on the market that can charge and discharge at the same time. We do not switch between grid power and stored power. The API flex system is a primary power system and is the only system that can truly give you energy independence.

13 kWh Energy storage: Lipo4 battery system 252 AH, 16 cells, 51.2 vdc nominal (24 vdc systems are 2 cells in parallel and 8 in series, 25.6 vdc nominal), incased in heavy duty fire resistant, steel container. Internal BMS power supply. Easily accessible system on/off switch. All necessary safety equipment, complete monitoring and metering. Conforms with UL 1642 &UL 2054

AC Inverter Power:
Magnum 4400 watt, 48 vdc, 120/240 vac or 120 vac only, expandable up to 17.6 kW. Our API FLEX system is versatile and can accommodate any nominal 48 vdc inverter system, Schneider, Outback, Magnum, Exeltech, Samlex, etc.

AC charging system:
systems are the only Lipo4 systems with their own, separate charging system (solid state, 50 amp and 100 amp continuous, 240 vac input, CAN protocol. Charging rate can be adjusted via the BMS remote) specifically designed for Lipo4 charging. This allows simultaneous, system charging and discharging. You can run off this system 100% of the time. Resulting in a much "smoother", more reliable and versatile power system, because we do not switch between different power sources. External Power sources can be grid, generator or any other AC power supply.

INVERTER: Inverter on/off, Volts/amps, AC/DC, inverter system functions and settings
API FLEX Monitor
System inverter monitor, Magnum, inverter on/off, inverter status. Also available, Schnieder, Outback, Exceltech, Samlex, etc.

System Monitor: Main menu: Volts, Amps, percentage of full. Sub menus: Amp Hours, battery voltage maximum high/low is resettable.

Safety equipment:
Main power relays: 500 amp
Charging relays: 200 vdc, 40 amp; 600 vdc, 20 amp, solid state or contact relays available
175 amp Main DC Circuit breaker
100 amp DC input Circuit breaker
80 amp DC input Circuit breaker
Negative bonding block terminal
(Specifications subject to change based on system configuration)
API FLEX Monitor
System Monitor. Battery voltage, Amps in and out, Amp Hour (resettable), battery Hi, Lo voltages (resettable)

Dual 20 amp system input circuit breaker
Dual 20 amp system output circuit breaker
Neutral buss bar
Ground buss bar
(Specifications subject to change based on system configuration)

Lipo4: Complete battery system monitoring.
Main menu: SOC, System voltage, High/low voltage cells & location. Sub menus: Complete battery bank individual cell monitoring.
System Trigger Settings:
Battery charging high voltage off.
Solar, hydro, wind or any other power generating source on/off.
Generator on/off (API flex energy systems are the only systems with BMS controlled generator on/off based on individual cell voltage). Low voltage battery load disconnect controlled by BMS (charging can still be accomplished during this mode).
Battery re-connects controlled by BMS.
High and low temperature system shut down. System automatically reconnects when temperature falls within accepted parameters.
48 to 12 vdc, 10 amp, power supply.
CAN communication to AC charger, settable on/off and charge rate.
DC, 12 volt triggers settable on/off for solar, hydro, wind or any other charging source, plus separate generator controls.
Complete Lipo 4 battery system individual cell monitoring, with status of individual cells and location.
Complete Lipo4 temperature monitoring
API FLEX Monitor
BMS, remote monitor, SOC, battery system voltage, individual high and low cell voltages and locations. Sub menus: All battery cell voltages and locations, cell temperature and system programming.

$15,000.00 plus tax
API FLEX Monitor
Top of Unit. Metering, moniroring and system on/off switch.

API Primary Power Systems:

We have designed and installed thousands of primary power systems. Off grid, remote, utility backup, etc. Low voltage, 24 –48 vdc systems are common for smaller systems up to 20 kw. Systems above 20 kw are 120, 240, 480 or 1,000 vdc. We fully stock all components needed for "off the shelf" systems.

One of the many options we offer is, come in with a piece of plywood and with our supervision, mount and install a complete system. We supervise and assist you throughout the entire process. We also help you with programming and we fully test the system here in the warehouse. Then take it home and plug it in. You have now built your own power system, saved substantial money and have gained valuable knowledge of the system components, installation, etc. This gives you more control of the system and helps with trouble shooting should you need it or have problems in the future. We have customers from as far away as Alaska drive down here to take advantage of this unique offer. We can also, mount and install specific requested components/systems and ship them anywhere in the world. We install many of these systems in shipping containers. Many of the products we manufacture come to us in shipping containers. We purchase the new containers rather than paying for return freight. We then take these containers and cut them up, install walls, doors and windows based on what type and size system we are installing. We can deliver this containerized system anywhere. The benefits are the system is totally prewired, tested and ready to plug in. Plus you can take it with you if you leave. And as an added benefit we physically ground the entire container with ground straps. This greatly limits the possibility of EMP damage to the equipment and system. We can build these systems from a few kW to 2 MW.

We have assisted with systems in Africa, South America, Mexico, Asia and all over the US and Canada. Some examples of our larger systems are two systems we did for the on Kwajalein atolls. One was an 80 kw inverter, grid tie system that we specially and specifically designed to back feed their generators. 600 vdc, 480 vac 3 phase. This greatly reduced the wear and tear on their generators, saved fuel and reduced their maintenance. We also designed and installed a system on another island that was an 80 kVA inverter, 480 vdc, battery based that was power by 600 vdc solar MPPT circuits to 480 vdc battery bank. This inverter can couple to their existing generator sets and/or also be a standalone system. This is the first time since World War II that they have been able to turn off their generators and run on our inverters. We are also doing a system in Alaska. Another remote island project. But this time cold and wet. We are using Lipo4 240 vdc energy storage, 40 kVa inverter and powering the system off of two VAWT and a small solar system.

API Dual Power Systems:

We can take any residential grid tie solar system and turn it into a backup or primary power system. We incorporate the API flex energy system (up to 20 kw). Commercial and industrial systems are based on 120, 240, 480 or 1000 vdc Lipo4 energy storage with inverters up to 500 kw.

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